Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Dream ?"

I should’ve been blind, to keep me from loving you
Why did I see the beauty inside of you?
It’s too late for me, you’ve already spread inside me
No matter how I try to wash and erase you,
you spread all over my body

I shouldn’t be able to dream, so my breathing won’t stop
Instead of leaving me here with you, take me away
I didn’t dream, I would be able to live
When I start to dream, I start to love
And matter all become harder to bear

I straighten my back, trying not to collapse
The world tells me I shouldn’t give
I won’t be given any hope or love from you
From wanting you so much, I become greedy

Now I want to be happy
No matter how I try to give up on you
My eyes always stop when they see you, and dream
Slowly this pain makes me weary
I straighten my back, trying not to collapse
The world tells me I shouldn’t dream
Any hope or love
Won’t be given to me

"Poem Of Love ?"

The Square Root Of Three

i fear that i will always be
a lonely number like root of three,
a three is all that's good and right
why must my three keep out of sight
beneath a vicious square-root sign?
i wish instead i were nine
for nine could thwart this evil trick
with just some quick arithmetic

i know i'll never see the sun
as 1.73291

such is my reality
a sad irrationality
when, hard,
just what is this i see?
another square root of three

has quietly come waltzing by
together now we multiply
to form a number we prefer
rejoicing as an integer

we break free from our mortal bonds
and with a wave of magic wands
our square-root signs become un-glued
and love from me has been renewed..



Monday, November 10, 2008

Salam Kangen ?

Salam kangen ?
Terus terang cakap,aku x pandai nak bercerite or story2 nih..hehehe,sekadar mengikut teman2 yang punya blog ,so aku pon cam nak gak buat kan..so,tercetus la "kangen ?" nih..ape yang aku nak story2 kat sini korang bace lah,insyaAllah..aku akan mengupdate blog nih..Ahmad Azyad Farhi Abdullah ,bukan anak "Pak Lah" hahaha...anak bongsu dr 5 beradik yg agak hensem..aku d lahirkn kt kL tp asl usul famili aku adalah "klate"..wkakaka..so,aku pun ckap klate laa kt umah..
Yg sbenarnye,,cite psl aku n famili tuh saje jea nk wat bnde nie jd pnjg..tp yg pnting blog nih aku nk wat tmpt mengespresi n menterjemah pe yg kt otak aku nie..Selamat Membace - Melawat - Melayan blog nie..
sbelum aku post bnde2 lain..trus trang aku ckap yg aku x pndai nk bercerite n maybe kt atas nie agak bosan..kn kn kn??tp setiap soalan akan aku jwb..

kangen sama kamu!!~